About EZO

EZO Employees Group Photo

Our Recent History

The creation of EZO Copper Products, LLC was the result of the purchase of the Snoke business by Mexico's largest and foremost copper tube fabrication company, MESA, Manufacturas Especializadas of Monterrey Mexico. To understand more about MESA please view their website at: www.mesa.ms.

MESA has been producing products for over 41 years to the Mexican market and, for the past 15 years, has been the key supplier of copper tubing parts and assemblies to many US HVAC/R OEMs that established product manufacturing in Mexico.


EZO and MESA possess synergies that other tube fabricators cannot offer. We have the strengths of knowledge, experience and resources of two companies that makes us a major force in the production of fabricated tubing parts and assemblies for North America and Mexico.

Our Vision

To be recognized and respected as innovating leaders and excellent commercial partners, providing unique values, and hard to be equaled in all our products and services.


EZO Copper Products, LLC is focused and committed to customer satisfaction and continual improvement. We will ensure that our processes and practices meet or exceed our customer requirements and industry standards. We strive to be the best-in-industry compared to our competitors.

Our Mission

To act according to our values, dedicating our efforts and creativity to serve our clients, employees and shareholders. To exist for our clients, with the purpose of serving them, to provide competitive advantages. To be responsible with our employees, promoting a safe, open and participative atmosphere within a frame of mutual respect. To be responsible with our shareholders by offering them a sustainable yield growth and added value to the business.

Our Values

  • Customer Satisfaction: Exceeding their expectations, understanding their business and achieving the position of preferred supplier.
  • Total Quality: We have a passion for excellence. We promote professional ethics and a sense of urgency while being results oriented.
  • Effective communication: We strive to communicate effectively while being accurate and truthful.
  • Teamwork: Interacting in an environment of confidence and mutual respect, with clear expectations, fair recognition, and continuous training.